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*is watching the green code falling down*


as usual... nothing interesting. oh yeah, these two got married... congratulations. hope they live happily ever after...

*stretches in her chair*
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*sits quietly on the floor, thoroughly cleaning her new guns*

*puts them in holsters fastened on her thighs, puts on a jacket, and picks up the AR-15*

*shuts the door behind her* *goes downtown*

*climbs up on the roof of a building and looks around* *crouches down and rests the AR-15 on the sill* *takes aim*


*an anonymous Agent down in the street looks around confusedly* *he looks down at his tie* *the tie clip has been shot off*

it's important to keep practicing you skills...
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*unplugs from the summer garden construct* *blinks* *looks around*

is it really a week later? anything important happened while I was plugged in?

*stretches* *leaves her room* *follows the trail of assorted empty glasses, plates, discarded pizza boxes, and other signs of a man left to his own devices* *goes to see where mist3r_4nd3rs0n is*
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I want guns!!! NOW!!! what am I supposed to do with people that annoy me, throw mist3r_4nd3rs0n's collection of Barbie dolls at them?

*sulks* *spent too much time in the real world, cleaning Neo's room, so is in really bad mood*

fortunately it looks like due to the business with raine_broussard I might be coming into possession of some weapons soon. then beware, world!

*plugs into the Matrix and goes shopping*

*comes back to her apartment 202 with lots of shopping bags*

*opens closet, adds new pair of black cargo pants to the 43 pairs that are already there*

*looks at them*

go figure.

*changes and goes to a coffee shop where apparently all the social life happens*

*is in need of a drink and friendly conversation*
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so working as Neo's personal assistant hasn't proved very difficult or time-consuming yet... that is, after I had to clean the whole Neb which looked as if it hadn't been touched with a duster in years...

this said, I decided to consider taking up part-time work for mr raine_broussard; the job he's offering sounds interesting. unfortunately, I haven't heard from him in a few days now... something tells me that the nature of his business about which I asked last time might have forced him to... remain hidden.
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*sits in her cabin on the Neb trying to drink away the existential quandary*

dude, there's weird things going on... suddenly there appears an Agent that looks like Neo and says he is Neo only he's not really 'cause he's an Agent, and he wears suits and is even kinda intelligent...

*downs another shot*

no wait, this last thing really shows that he can't be Neo, even though he is. or something. ommphh.. brain hurts...

*pours more moonshine that she stole from mist3r_4nd3rs0n's cabin when she was cleaning it* *what?? a menial job like that has to have some perks*

so whose sister am I?????
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since no one else wants to use me, I'll go work for mist3r_4nd3rs0n.
one thing, though: forget the word "go-fer", it's "personal assistant", okay? glad we made it clear.

btw, I believe we haven't yet discussed the payment, Neo.

I'll be over at the Neb with my things in the afternoon. cheers to ni0be for letting me stay on the Logos all this time and for all the training - I definitely learned how to be a hard-ass bitch a lot.
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job ad

*walks around the Matrix and Zion posting ads*

Young, educated, versatile, responsible to an extent looks for an unchallenging job to while away the free time. Can make coffee, bring donuts, make copies, shoot intruders. If interested, please contact una_4nd3rs0n.

*looks around and then quickly sticks one on the Agency's main door*
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*sits by the window watching rain*

bored, bored, bored.

*experiences guilt trip caused by the remains of responsibility*

since I'm done with all the training, I think I should find myself something to do in the real world. the Matrix is fun, but gets a bit too... unchallenging sometimes. I mean it's just too easy to get whatever you want after a while.

(but I still want to steal a helicopter and fly over the Agency building - smithsassistant is in, how about you, __trinity__? I heard you like flying...)
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*looks through the stuff she found at the bottom of the closet in mist3r_4nd3rs0n's old room*   *giggles*   *reads through his old diary*   *snorts with laughter*   *puts everything back in the box and hides it well*

*wiping tears of laughter, flops on the black leather sofa (present from smithsassistant)*
okay. so I want to steal a helicopter and then fly over the Agency building and wave to all Agents that I know and embarrass them in front of their collegues.

who's with me on that?
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