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...and I'm The One's sister!

and I'll tell him to kick your ass if you don't behave!

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  • una 4nd3rs0n
yes, yes, the name similarity is not coincidental. I'm mist3r_4nd3rs0n's younger sister. dude, don't stare at me like that. he had family once, so what. although I can spell better. *sniggers*
I was recovered by ni0be; now I live on the Neb and I work part-time as Neo's personal assistant (a girl's gotta earn her living somehow)...
so let's roll and shoot somebody!

so... you know, this journal is not real.
mun= syntaxia
agent brown, agent jones, agent smith, agents, coding, programming new constructs, pushing-buttons-and-asking-what-they-do-afterwards, shooting, shooting again, still more shooting, the matrix, zion